About Us

Population Health Services (India) is a not for profit non governmental organization is established in the year 1999, affiliated to Marie Stops International. In 2014 PHSI’s work helped to avert over 767,000 unwanted pregnancies and produced over 4 million couple years of protection*(CYPs) and prevented 957,000 unsafe abortions in 2014.

The main objective of PHSI is to provide high quality family planning and reproductive health care services to the community, with particular emphasis on serving the undeserved and vulnerable groups in society.


To provide choice in contraception for couples to have “children by choice and not by chance”.

Emphasize in continues provision of quality care services and to establish benchmarks in service delivery by making the services available, accessible and affordable to the people in need.

PHSI uses social marketing techniques to get closer to the needs of society. We learn and understand the needs and desires of the target audience and build programmes from there. The combination of in-depth research, constant re-evaluation of the tiniest aspects of our programmes and a focus on the consumer forms the cornerstone of PHSI‘s activities.

PHSI provides reproductive health care services to people all over India, allowing them to have children by choice not chance. It manages clinics and outreach voluntary surgical services to provide contraceptive services and products in remote areas. The organisation does this by promoting, distributing and selling contraceptives.

PHSI’s approach emphasizes the promotion of contraceptive use, among eligible couples, the provision to couples of a choice of various contraceptive methods (including condoms, oral contraceptive pills, IUDs, and vasectomy and female sterilization), and assured, high-quality care.

PHSI has expanded its operations and coverage substantially into three major focus areas:
1. Social Marketing Program.
2. Static Centres: Reproductive healthcare centres in 18 locations in four states (Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh).
3. Outreach Services: Promotion and delivery of voluntary surgical contraception with District Health Authorities in 6 districts in the states.

PHSI’s work has a huge positive impact on the people of India and in 2013 alone it helped to avert:
879,000 unwanted pregnancies
1.3 million births
70,000 infant deaths
94,000 under 5 deaths
732,000 unsafe abortions
and produced 3.8 million CYPs*

PHSI’s worked in 2014 to avert:
957,000 unsafe abortions
4,100,000 contraception users
767,000 unintended pregnancies
and produced 4 million CYPs*.