Annual Reports

PHSI is a not for profit company, licensed under section 25, of the Indian Companies Act,1956 and also incorporated as a charitable institution with a view to provide services and products in the field of Family Planning, Family Welfare to the economically  weaker and hard to reach  sections of the Indian population.

PHSI was established on 31st March 1999, with a mandate to work in the field of Maternal and Child Health focusing primarily on Family Planning and HIV /AIDS prevention. PHSI specializes in social marketing, which entails the promotion and distribution of health products at prices affordable to low income people through the existing wholesale and retail infrastructure.

The organization is specialized in social marketing, which entails the promotion and distribution of health products at prices affordable to low income group through the existing wholesale and retail infrastructure. PHSI’s expertise is in developing technical and informative materials and behavior change campaigns.

Demand Generation

While establishing a supply-side mechanism through its networks, PHSI has also launched various communication campaigns that use mass and local media optimally to address the demand side of programming. Press advertisement for brands Kamagni, Thrill, Deluxe Nirodh and other contraceptive has been part of a demand generation activity. During last year 149 advertisements were released.

Kamagni 21.7Millions
Thril 31.3Millions
Nirodh Deluxe 19.4Millions
Mala Deluxe 7.3Millions
Kushi 4Millions

Our Services

Social Marketing Program (SMP): PHSI’s Social Marketing Program markets a variety of Reproductive Health Products including condoms with dual protection messaging on HIV/AIDS prevention and Family Planning. The objective of the social marketing program is to provide clients, products they need, in the most convenient and affordable format, with respect to time and cost.PHSI started its Social Marketing Program from 1999 itself, in partnership with Government of India.


Reproductive Health Care Centers:Reproductive Health Care Centers have been set up by PHSI in identified districts. These centers have been modeled on the Marie Stopes Centers. The Centers across the world have internationally recognized quality control systems. The quality standards are adopted uniformly throughout catering to local conditions, whether in London or in a two-room center in India. These standards cover everything from the branding of PHSI services.

Outreach Voluntary Surgical Contraception: PHSI launched its Outreach Voluntary Surgical Contraception under NRHM in the month of June, 2003. PHSI in collaboration with various District Medical and Health Department’s in selected low performing districts of four states conduct outreach sterilization camps. The main objective of the Program is to improve the availability and accessibility of good quality outreach FP services. Over 100,000 free sterilizations are being provided.

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