Social Marketing

Our social marketing is a planned program designed to bring about social change by utilizing concepts from commercial marketing. PHSI works closely with the Social marketing Programme of the Government of India. PHSI has over the years expanded its operations from South India to the whole of the country and has become a Pan Indian organization working in the field of reproductive health care sector. Under this program, PHSI also markets condom brands like Thril, Nirodh Deluxe and “Kamagni” along with “Mala D and KHUSHI” Brands Oral Contraceptive Pill under the Social Marketing Programme (SMP) of the Health Ministry.

In addition PHSI has a range of related products ranging across affordable to premium:
Condoms: Thril; Kamagni (affordable, subsidized brands),Fire (premium, luxury brand)
Abortificants: Khushi Mife & Miso; Khushi MT kit
OCPs: Khushi OCP; Mala (affordable / subsidised)
Evron (premium brand)
ECP: Smart Lady
IUDs: Khushi IUD



PHSI is in the field of distribution and marketing of contraceptive products such as condoms and oral contraceptive products and other health related and FMCG products in the market, all over India from the past 12 years.

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